Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hauntingly beautiful...

Just me and my dog.

We were up at Buntzen Lake today, and had the whole beach to ourselves. Not another soul in sight.

After throwing the stick about a bazillion times, I sat on a log to rest my arms, and soak up the view, and the silence...

A silence suddenly broken by the most hauntingly beautiful sound I have ever heard. It touched my very soul, and I felt the warmth of it spread through me.

I turned around to look for the source...

Yards behind me stood an ancient Chinese man, his aged body so frail, a strong wind might blow him over.

Yet, as he stood there, with arms open wide, and his head thrown back, his physical body meant nothing.

The power of his voice, as he sang his very heart out, showed the strength of his soul.

I didn't understand his words, but it didn't matter. His voice carried the meaning, and it brought a tear to my eye.

A happy tear.

My morning on the beach, is a moment in time I will never forget. This man shared something with me today, something only between him and I.

Two strangers.

Makes one question what is truly important in life, doesn't it?

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