Saturday, October 19, 2013

The leaves of laughter!

Fall is in the air and the city is filled with vibrant colors!

I took this picture outside of my house earlier today.

Three blocks up that street was my neighborhood Starbucks. Notice I say was and not is? Because it's not. Not anymore. I haven't been back since my cunty phone incident. Ah, well. I'm drinking less Starbucks these days which I'm sure my body thanks me for.

Anyway, since I'm a firm believer that laughter is always the best medicine for all of life's ailments, I have to share this following video. Someone sent this to my daughter -- the way normal people laugh and the way she laughs.

And holy shit, does it ever make me laugh!

In fact, every person who watches this that knows my daughter busts a gut! It is exactly her. Really. If I recorded her laughing and played it side by side with this video? No difference.

Ah, baby girl, you bring joy to my life :)