Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sneak peek!

Whew! Been a busy summer for me, my friends. Spent a lot of time working out of town and arrived home only three days before we went to camera on one of our current projects.

We wrapped that project a few days ago and I've spent the time catching up on all my other stuff that I had to let lag for the past few months.

Again, whew!

I'm taking the weekend off, though -- it's hot as HELL outside, too hot to do anything other than laze around or drive to a lake or the ocean and swim -- then next week I'm back on two other projects. One is filming pick up days, the other is editing one of my scripts. I'll tell you about them later. I'm too lazy right now.

Here is a sneak peek on the set of ES2.


Have I told you lately how much I love being on set? Doesn't matter how long the hours are or how demanding the work is, both mentally and at times, physically, there is nothing like seeing a movie come to life.

Love. It.

Anyway, I've got a pile of books to choose from and no plans in the morning so I'm gonna spend most of the night reading.