Thursday, February 21, 2013

Come Together!

Been working on a particular comedy for awhile now. It was one of my background projects while I was working on other stuff but has become my main focus because I believe it has potential. 'Course it took about 20 rewrites for me to feel that way. LOL!

Comedy is outside of my usual genres which are dramas with comedic undertones, and dark dramas. I can write that stuff with my eyes closed (so says she, who really is humble in real life. Honest!), but I'm finding that straight up comedy is tedious and, quite frankly, really difficult. Make that really really difficult. Actually, it makes me question whether I have the talent to pull it off. I don't know.

Oh well, guess I'll find out!

Anyway, I was stressing (on the inside only) during the process of this script trying to make sure it was as funny as possible while fitting into a structural "comedic box" and found myself losing the story.

Then I decided, fuck it. Just go with it and write what seems to come naturally in the chain of events. If it sucks ass, I can always revert to the previous draft and start again.

Turned out to be a wise decision. A few more rewrites and I think I might have something!

 So, tonight's song is in honor of the feeling that my script is coming together.