Thursday, April 18, 2013

Signed, Sealed, Delivered... almost

Oh, but I'm so close!

The past several months have been really busy for me, but my hard work is about to pay off as I'm am in the final stages of two projects.

One is a short documentary film that I was hired to write and produce. I'm especially excited about this project because it will be released into the public school system for educational purposes! It's in editing for the final cut and will be delivered before month end.

It was a fun little film to work on and the production value is fantastic, thanks to my team! The clients are happy. We are happy. Everyone's happy. Life is good.

The second is a feature comedy script I have been working my balls to the bone on. (rhetorically speaking since my balls are on the inside!)

It's almost there. I'm going to go over it a few more times to iron out any wrinkles I find, but after that, I believe I will be ready to put it out there.

And then I'm going to start on a new script. At any given time, I have several ideas and/or scripts on the back burner to choose from. Not quite sure which one I'll bring to the forefront to focus on yet but it will be most likely be between two of my more developed projects -- either another comedy or a deep drama.

I let present opportunities,  present circumstances, and my own intuition guide me when it comes to which project I will focus on. I'm really leaning towards the dramatic piece --  it's one that's been simmering for a long time but I decided to wait until I had the experience and expertise to do the story justice before I attempted it -- however, if new opportunities present themselves, I just might switch to the comedy.

Anything can happen.

And that's why I love life!

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