Thursday, January 31, 2013


Foxy from the Roxy
Might turn some heads tonight
Flashlight dream
Peaches and cream delight
Roxy Roller

Five-bob job
She gets bubble-gum on her knees
Down between the seats
Sometime she'll pass you the keys
Roxy Roller
Oooh Roxy Roller

Roxy Roller, Roxy

Her daddy, le commissioner
Took far more than his share
So Roxy joined the syndicate
Knowing it wasn't fair
Roxy Roller
Oooh Roxy Roller

So... a dream of mine was to write a follow-up to one of my favorite movies, Quentin Tarantino's RESERVOIR DOGS, but I never allowed myself the pleasure. One, because I'm nowhere near as talented as the man and two, because... well, just because. 

I've always been intrigued by Mr. Pink's character in RD (played by Steve Bucsemi) because he is the only one who gets away.  I've imagined hundreds of times what becomes/became of him, but I know it is not my story to write.

However, I couldn't  get Mr. Pink out of my mind so I knew I had to just go with it and write something.

Anyway, I've come up with my own original story that only references and doesn't copy Quentin's work. It's called ROXY ROLLER, and the lead is... you guessed it... Roxy Roller, who just happens to be Mr. Pink's daughter.

While fleshing out her character, I put this song on replay and listened to it probably 50 times. I pictured Roxy in my head, got to know her, felt her, then became her, entered her world and perfected her swagger as she strutted down the street, AK-47 in hand.

Holy shit, she can be viscous! But the audience is gonna love her. (I hope!)
The whole opening sequence of ROXY ROLLER has no dialogue, just visuals set to the song, Roxy Roller by Sweeney Todd.


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