Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Harvest Moon

If you didn't have a chance to see it last Saturday, check out this pic taken by my dear friend, Tanya, from the beach in Campbell River. Stunning.

Thought I'd make the move on her while she wasn't looking! (Come on, WHO doesn't feel romantic under a full moon? You would have done the same!)

As you can see by the above pic, I'm in Campbell River again. Here's the thing -- I get a lot of writing done in this atmosphere. It's the whole peaceful laid-back island vibe, and I love it!

I'm lucky enough to have wonderful friends like Tanya and her husband (also my dear friend) who own a big house on a big piece of property in the middle of nature AND they actually like it when I stay here. It works out perfect cuz I enjoy their company, too! Plus, I have pretty much the whole back part of the house to myself so we all get some privacy.

Anyway, I got some new plans.

I've spent the last couple/few years on dozens and dozens of our company's sets so I could learn producing from the bottom, up. And I have. I am now familiar with every single aspect there is when it comes to running a production. I've worked in almost every role from crafty/first aid, to transport. I've held bounce boards, I've driven the equipment truck (even the camera truck once, racing beside a porsche -- talk about fun!), dealt with lighting and gear rental, settled L&D claims, done set dec and begged people for favors.

I've hired people, fired people, done a budget, found funding, dealt with arguing crew, liquored-up artists and difficult actors.

It's been a daring adventure, that's for sure!

The only downfall to my "producing education" is that I haven't been able to spend as much time on my writing as I would like. It's all good, though. I had to sacrifice one to learn the other.

But times, they are a changin'. I am now a confident and capable producer, which is what I set out to become. Yay, me!  One day I'm going to make my mark as a writer/producer. But first, I need to return to screenwriting full time for awhile.

I've decided to (sort of) move to Campbell River to concentrate on my writing through this fall and winter. I say "sort of" because I'll be here from Monday to Friday and will return to my Vancouver home on the weekends to max, relax, and catch up with my pals.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes :)

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